Tanning Booth

The Workout Is Done…Time For A Tan!

The HT-54 contains only 2% UVB rays; allowing clients to develop a base tan faster because less UVB rays reduce the risk of burning while allowing for faster development of a base tan!


Hollywood Tans HT-54

  • 10 Minute Max Time

  • 54 160 Watt Bronzing Power

  • Multi-Channel XM Radio

  • 360 Degree No-Pressure Point Tanning

  • Powerful Overhead Body Tan

Every Shapes® member can take advantage of complimentary monthly fitness evaluations that include measurements, body fat percentage, body mass index, measure of flexibility, cardiovascular fitness test and goal setting. Results are documented on a program card and celebrated on a monthly basis.

Members who don’t use the facilities are contacted by phone, email or letter in an attempt to bring them back in the doors. Member Appreciation Days are held in each club twice a month to thank the members for their business and new member referrals. Contests are held throughout the year for workout challenges and referral promotions reward members for sending their friends and family to Shapes®. We pride ourselves in making sure that we not only greet every member by her name but with a big friendly smile. We have a wide open door policy for every comment, concerns, compliment or funny joke. The management team strives on making every member feel comfortable and heard.

Members satisfaction is guaranteed and is our #1 priority at Shapes® Fitness.