Shapes® Personal Training Program: Guiding Principles

Client safety is the governing principle of the Shapes® Personal Training Program. The Shapes® Personal Training staff follow standards that have been established by following “PT Best Practices”. The following guidelines ensure that our members are reaching their personal goals in a safe personal training environment.

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Shapes® Personal Trainers Will Not:

  • Diagnose disease or provide treatment protocols for injuries
  • Recommend specific supplements, medicine or curative practices to members for specific illness, injury or health conditions unless the Personal Trainer has additional and necessary credential/certifications
  • Train members with a serious diagnosed chronic health condition unless they have specifically trained and been certified to provide training to individuals with such conditions or are following the prescribed and supervised by a physician.
  • Begin training with a member until you have completed a comprehensive health history form.
  • Offer specific or individualized nutritional advice, unless they have been specifically certified and trained to do so.

The Shapes® Smart Start Program

Our Personal Trainers are the best! They are 100% committed to helping you and we want you to get off to a Smart Start! This Is What You Should Expect From Shapes® Personal Trainers:

  1. Expect a call from one of our trainers who will discuss Personal Training Services.
  2. Visit to the workout area for a personalized exercise pattern
  3. Have a discussion establishing realistic goals and discuss how long it will take to get you to the result you want to achieve
  4. Discuss what classes will be appropriate for you to particiapte in based on your existing fitness level
  5. Review what a peronalized program deisign looks like.

Shapes Personal Training Pricing

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Personal Training Rates

Shapes® Personal Training PackagesHalf HourFull Hour
Single Session$45$85
4 Pack$180$320
8 Pack
12 Pack$480$912
16 Pack$600$1,184
24 Pack